My Chef Wooden Stand Has Been Sold!

My Chef wooden stand has been SOLD! What I liked the most about my listing is that it is hand-painted in acrylic. Its theme is perfect for the kitchen where cooks are busy cooking and reading recipes on my kitchen stand.

Our Family Snowman Was Happy to Meet My Two Handcrafted Snowman-themed Stands

What a snowy day! The snowman made by my family in our backyard was not lonely because he was happy to meet my two handcrafted snowman stands. One stand is bigger and is perfect for children’s picture books for kids. Also, it has the ILY (I love you in ASL) sign. I highly recommend it for librarians, teachers, and parents for virtual storytimes and bedtime stories. The other smaller one is designed for phones and tablets and is perfect for video calls. Check out my ETSY shop.…/snowman-stand-snowman-book…and

[Image Description: The head of a woman is poking out from behind a creepy-looking snowman with coals for eyes and mouth, carrot for a nose, and dried hydrangea flowers for hair. The woman is holding a large snowman-themed bookstand to one side, and a small bookstand to the other, also snowman-themed.]

DIY Fabric Bookstand

This video shows the 4 years old twins (girl/boy) talking about their favorite book by Mo Willems along with the use of their mom’s handmade book stand. They are KODAs (hearing kids of deaf parents). The main point of the video is that the handmade book stand has many uses. For example, kids can read their favorite books independently while eating their meals at the same time. This enables them to increase their reading time. For this reason, my twins ended up becoming bookworms.