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Artistanda, LLC helps librarians and teachers provide a more accessible read-aloud experience and a more enjoyable storytime experience to children. We have observed that they often feel very uncomfortable when they have to hold a book up for more than a few minutes. We also have observed that they feel frustrated when they are presenting virtually and they can’t seem to get the camera optimally set up, such that the book is steady and without glare. Artistanda solves these problems by ergonomically holding the book at an angle that will allow them to easily read to the children. 

Moreover, Artistanda helps parents, especially nursing mothers, who are frustrated about how to read a book to their babies or older kids while feeding the babies. This avoids letting them feel bad about not minding their older kids when they are busy with their babies. Artistanda bookstands enable parents to read a book to their older kids while holding their babies in their arms and also enable their older kids to turn pages of a book easily on their own. 

The Flamingo bookstand is painted in black acrylic paints and is decorated with an image of a pair of flamingos in the shape of a heart.

Design #1

Thick Book Bookstands

Design #1 is best for thick and heavy books such as textbooks. It works fine with thin small-oversized picture books. It is best for virtual and in-person storytimes and for independent reading. See the picture of a wooden Flamingo bookstand as an example of design #1.

Design #2

Teddy Bear Bookstands

Design #2 is best for thin picture books regardless of how big they are. As you might know, librarians often choose teddy bears for storytimes. This design is definitely best for virtual and in-person storytimes at libraries and schools where most educators use picture books to read to babies, toddlers and kids at the preschool and elementary levels. Also, kids can use this design for independent reading while their parents are busy.

The turtle bookstand is covered with two pieces of fabric, one of which is green and the other is brown.

Design #3

Board Book Stands

Design #3 is best for board books regardless of how big they are. This design is fine with other books no matter how thick or heavy they are. The design can be decorated with paintings or mixed media. The turtle bookstand is an example of this design.

Design #4

Animal Bookstands

Design #4 is similar to Design #2 with the difference that this design is shorter than the other design. Believe it or not, design #4 works fine with thin oversized books such as large children’s picture books. It works fine with thin small picture books and tablets. The Dog bookstand is an example of this design. Other animals can be customized on request. 

Design #5

Big Book Stands

This design is best for very large and heavy books such as Big Books. The Black Bear bookstand can hold one Big Book of which dimensions are 22’’ (H) x 18”(W). This design would be perfect for big Books and oversized and heavy science books to support virtual/in-person aloud reading.

Design #6

Kitchen Bookstands

Design #6 can accommodate cookbooks and tablets for recipes and is decorated with kitchen themes. This design is a great gift for passionate home chefs. ArmsFree, LLC accepts commissions with your choice of design.