Artistanda’s Educational Philosophy

Artistanda, LLC believes that deaf kids deserve a better education, through reading all genres of books, including children’s picture books, Big Books, educational posters, and educational binders. This helps them make connections between ASL and written English. We call this teaching approach “Deaf Accessible Eyes”. Artistanda, LLC favors traditional books over digital books, because traditional books support Deaf Accessible Eyes.

Artistanda stands also benefit other kids with other disabilities, ESL learners, and non-disabled kids. This approach is called “Accessible Eyes”. Because of all these benefits, Artistanda, LLC strongly recommends that authors, educators, and publishing companies create new books and posters that are friendly for reading aloud for kids with and without disabilities. Books and posters should include a combination of real images (for informational books) or illustrations (for children’s picture books), short sentences with large font and firm covers. 

What is Special About Artistanda Bookstands?


Artistanda Bookstands enable adults and children to turn pages of a book easily. This is something that we do much better than our competition. Research shows that chaining and sandwiching have been effective teaching strategies for deaf kids because these concepts help them make connections between ASL and printed English. This means that Artistanda bookstands are perfect for Deaf bilinguals, who need both hands free during reading aloud, book sharing, and buddy reading. 

Most importantly, because ASL and English have different modalities, there is a great need to inspire deaf young children with quotes and images about the importance of reading. For this reason, kids’ favorite animals and toys have been chosen for Artistanda designs. Some Artistanda bookstands have been specially designed to hold oversized books or thick books. These are perfect for in-person and virtual storytimes at libraries, schools, children’s hospitals, and child day care centers.

Again, Artistanda stands are great not not only for deaf kids, but also for other kids with disabilities (e.g., learning disabilities), ESL learners, and non-disabled kids. This also benefits people who have health problems such as fibromyalgia or arthritis, especially when they use chapter books with solid covers. Furthermore, Artistanda bookstands are folding, which are great for space-saving storage and carrying in bags. Last but not least, they are also great for book displays on bookshelves at public libraries, school libraries, and gift shops.

What is Special About Artistanda Poster Stands?

Gray Cat Poster Stand

Who said that educational posters for children are meant to be hung on walls? Because Artistanda Poster Stands can rest on tables, they enable teachers and parents to point at words or images on educational posters while sitting on half-moon toddler tables or dinning/coffee tables. This position helps toddlers, preschoolers, and children at first upper elementary levels make connections between signed/spoken languages and print language. Artistanda, LLC believes that ASL, ESL, and STEM posters are important for kids with disabilities and non-disabled kids, because they open up these kids’ eyes for their receptive skills. Artistanda Poster Stands are also good for office workers who can see a professional poster on a desk with comfort, and at fairs, where the stands support posters at a booth.

What Is Special About Artistanda Big Book Stands?

Big Book Stand

Artistanda Big Book Stands are large enough to hold big books. They are great for two reasons. First, like the poster stands, they are tabletop and support educational activities on kid-sized tables. Second, they take up less space than easels in a room when educators/parents want to share a big book while sitting on the floor. Big Books are perfect for in-person and virtual storytimes because kids who sit farther away, can see the pages of a big book better. 

What Is Special About Artistanda Binder Stands?

Binder Stand

Artistanda Binder Stands help deaf kids or other kids with disabilities (e.g., learning disabilities, autism), and ESL learners improve their language acquisition and communication skills by holding binders with educators’ handouts. These are great for displaying students’ personal experiences and familiar names, such as their family names and homes. This approach again helps kids make connections between signed/spoken languages and print language. Artistanda Binder Stands can hold very thick binders such as heavy duty binders, which means that they also can support professional activities.

What Is Special About Artistanda Phone/Tablet Stands?

Tablet Stand

Artistanda Phone/Tablet Stands have five main benefits:

  • The stand have room to plug in a phone/tablet charger.
  • The stand let you adjust the position of your phone or tablet on the stand for video calls or viewing. It has multiple angle adjustments, usually two angles, for electronic devices. Also, it is great for holding phones and tablets in both horizontal and vertical positions.
  • The stand is decorated with artwork.
  • Some tablet stands can hold baby books or little picture books for independent reading or shared reading.
  • The stand is folding, which is great for space-saving storage and carrying in bags.